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Out of State Clients

We collaborate with homeowners and builders from coast to coast. If you have a home project and don't live nearby, don't worry. We do this all the time.

Our process for clients outside of the Minneapolis, MN or Austin, TX areas was created by combining our belief in strong communication and skilled interior design. Through phone calls, video conferences, emails, document sharing, and site visits, we are able to provide our out-of-state clients with the same level of service that a local homeowner receives – from Architectural Design Reviews, Structural Design, Kitchen & Bathroom Design, Construction Materials Selection, Furnishings, Project Management, etc.

The Process:

1. Initial Calls & Meetings

We establish the size and scope of your project and our participation, and we create a contract customized to your home.

2. Planning / Budget

For construction, we review your blueprints, architectural drawings and elevations. For furnishings, we create a floorplan incorporating your current furniture and the new pieces that you'll need. This is also when we present a budget for your approval.

3. Selections

For construction, we present finishing materials and deliverables based on our level of participation on the project. This can include countertops, sinks, plumbing fixtures, hardware, carpet and other floor coverings, lighting fixtures, doors, windows, millwork, appliances, wall & ceiling surfaces, exterior selections and more. For furnishings, we present furniture, fabric, art and accessory options for your approval.

4. Timelines / Rework & Pricing

For construction, we coordinate our selections timeline and your construction timeline. For furnishings, we present a second round of selections for anything that you did not approve in round one. At this time we will also provide pricing for all items that you've approved.

5. Deposit & Order

You provide a furnishings deposit, and we place your furnishings order.

6. Delivery & Installation

Your design team oversees the deliveries, placement and installation for you home.

Areas Served: Located in Minneapolis & Austin, we work across the United States.


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