About Martha O’Hara Interiors

kate and martha ohara

Our Studio

Martha O’Hara Interiors is a full-service interior design firm that designs and furnishes homes from inspiration to flawless outcome. With studios in Austin, TX and Minneapolis, MN, our team has earned a reputation for classically beautiful spaces that feel refreshingly balanced and stylish. We create custom interiors for home builds, renovations, and furniture projects that stand the test of time.

Working throughout the US and internationally, we have developed a process to create a seamless experience for every client, regardless of their location or project scope. Our designers collaborate with homeowners, builders, and architects on projects ranging from custom builds to whole-home furniture updates.

We celebrate every aesthetic with our signature perspective, and our award-winning designers do it all – from reviewing blueprints, to full-home transformations, to selecting that vintage area rug to tie your room together.

Our Story

After finding success in the business world, Martha O’Hara turned her back on the boardroom and transformed her innate design sense into a career. Martha applied her southern aesthetic, born of a childhood in a small Tennessee town where her grandparents ran the ‘old hotel,’ to the Midwest and beyond. Today, she enjoys working behind the scenes, applying her love of finance and accounting to her namesake company.

Kate grew up in the world of interior design. After a decade with the company, she stepped into the role of CEO + Creative Director, expanding the family design firm into new regions of the US. These days, when she isn’t traveling between our Minnesota and Texas offices, you can find Kate speaking at conferences, working with our design team, and connecting with new clients and furniture lines.

martha and kate ohara

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