Our Services

Do you work on the technical drawings for construction?

Yes, we do! We can design interior spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. We can review the plans you already have drawn up to give you feedback. And we can design smaller details, like cabinetry, fireplace surrounds, ceiling details, and built-in bookshelves. Most of this work happens behind our screens and at the drafting table, so it is easily done with our local clients in the Twin Cities and Austin, TX as well as our long-distance clients throughout the United States.

Do you sell furniture, or do you just design whole rooms?

We love working with our clients on their furnishings! Usually that means working on an entire room or multiple rooms in a house. Sometimes, though, we are looking for just a few keys pieces to complete a space, and that’s okay too! We’ll work with the furniture you already own and love, and we will help you find quality pieces to complete your home.

I don’t live in Minnesota or Texas. Can I still hire you?

Absolutely! We work with clients all over the United States. You may have seen our work featured in Boston, New Jersey, California, Florida, Chicago, and Washington state publications. That’s because we work all over. We’ve been doing this for years and have a clean process that assures excellent service and our best design.

For long-distance clients, we usually work remotely for the majority or entirety of the project. Video meetings, calls, and emails can accomplish a lot! We always put our designs into pdfs and present over a video/screen sharing meeting, and we send physical fabric samples to you as well. When showroom trips are necessary, we help tee things up with some pre-selected items ready for you to view. Sometimes we tag along virtually in a video call!

Occasionally, a project scope or client preference makes travel a good idea. In these instances, we plan ahead and make sure that every trip we make will accomplish as much as possible for you and your project. We can’t wait to work with you soon!

Do you sell custom window treatments? What if that’s all I need?

Yes, we do, and it’s fine if window treatments are all you need! We’re here to work with you on the elements of your home that you want to address right now. This could mean a couple of area rugs, window treatments for a single room, or a whole home of furniture.

Can I sit on furniture and test it before I buy it?

The answer here is…maybe! In a given furniture project, there may be some key pieces you would like to sit on or test out in advance. Since the furnishings for your home will be custom ordered for you, the exact item may not be available for you to try out. However, we’ll take you to our inventory or a local showroom where you can sit in a similar model to determine what your preferences are.

How will you present the design concept for building and remodeling?

Whether we are reviewing plans in-person or over a call, we will present our 2D technical drawings and renderings in a presentation where we’ll walk you through the plans and draw your attention to any specific areas that we think deserve additional consideration. We will coordinate with your builder or contractor to make sure all the plans are feasible, too. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your thoughts with us as we guide you through the process!

How will you present the finish and furnishing selections?

When we are presenting your design in-person (usually with our Minnesota and Texas clients), we like to present entire rooms at a time. We do so with a table full of interior finish and furniture samples, fabrics, paint chips, floorplans, furniture configurations, images, and more. Depending on the amount of design we are presenting during your appointment, we may fill numerous tables, with each table representing 1-2 rooms, and with each selected item including a variety of options to give you choices.

Similarly, when we are presenting your design remotely (usually with our long-distance clients), we will send you a pdf of all the same items that would otherwise be filling a table, and we will send you the physical fabric samples that you are considering for your home. We’ll devote a conference call to walking through your pdf presentation, answering your questions and making adjustments as we determine they’re needed.

Billing & Policies

How do you charge?

Your bill will depend on the services we provide you. Some of our services are billed on an hourly basis. In other cases, we will source and sell you home goods from our trade accounts. Reach out to us to discuss the details of your project and how our services will work for you.

What is a furniture retainer?

After you have approved your furniture budget range, we will collect a retainer that secures our services so we can get to work. Your retainer will be credited back to you as a part of your final payment to us. However, if you cancel or diminish the scope of your furnishing commitment, this retainer will be converted into a non-refundable design fee in proportion to the amount that your project contracts.

Consider it a safety net for our designers’ time – what they’ve already spent and what they reserved for you in their calendars too.      

Can I return custom furniture?

Yep! If you approve and purchase an item that you decide you don’t love, you can return it to MOI with a 33.33% return/cancellation fee.

What’s the warranty on my furniture?

Every furniture manufacturer provides its own warranty. As you make your furniture selections, we will provide you with any warranty information that you need!                  

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