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Betty Reynolds

Administrative Support Manager

Betty Webcrop21

Betty keeps our Austin office running smoothly every day. She supports our designers, coordinates with our professional partners, and assists our clients. Betty has a knack for connecting with people and solving problems. She’s a dream!

Stephanie Doering

Designer Support, Allied ASID

Stephanie Doering, Designer Support & Furniture Pricing at Martha O'Hara Interiors

From Alaska, to London, to Minneapolis, Stephanie’s career began in corporate business until she changed course to become an award-winning residential interior designer (a lot like Martha!). Today, Steph supports designers through furniture pricing and other home details!

Tanya Schlee

Purchasing Manager

Tanya Schlee

Tanya is the gatekeeper for all orders that are placed through our studio. She ensures that our clients receive the correct customizations to their furniture, and she gets it to them as quickly as our manufacturers will let her.

Martha & Kate O’Hara

Martha and Kate are available to every client, every day.

client support MN

Angela Martin

Accounting Administrator

Angela Martin

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Angela wears a lot of hats – from cheerleader to accountant. With a history in the design industry and a steel trap memory for every one of our clients and projects, Angela is an incredible asset to our administrative team.

Caryn Bracken

Personal Assistant

Caryn Webcrop22

Lindsay Gammon


Lindsay Webcrop22

Martha & Kate O’Hara

Martha and Kate are available to every client, every day.

finance MN

Debra Blaschko

Accounts Payable

Deb Blaschko

As a woman of many talents, Deb carries a dual role that fits her well. She’s one of the welcoming voices you’ll hear when you give us a call. She also lends her talents to our accounting team as our behind-the-scenes bookkeeper.

Nailma Lopes de Moraes

Assistant Bookkeeper

New to the Team

Shubha Harithasa

Director of Finance

Shubha Harithasa

Shubha wears many hats, keeping a cool head regardless of the circumstance. Her extensive background in accounting and start-ups allows her to manage our financial reporting with ease, while also playing a critical role in Operations, HR, and IT.

Martha & Kate O’Hara

Martha and Kate are available to every client, every day.

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