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Susi Omana Marin

Office & Inventory Administrator


Susi wears many hats as she supports all teams at O’Hara Interiors and delivers exceptional service to our clients and partners. With a degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management, her professional versatility and project management expertise are important components of the O’Hara Interiors customer service experience.

Tanya Schlee

Purchasing Manager

Tanya Schlee

Tanya manages all product orders placed through our studio. Her thorough approach ensures that every client’s furniture is correctly customized according to the designer’s expertise and the homeowner’s style. Her meticulous work is essential to the curated and custom looks clients expect from partnering with O’Hara Interiors.

Martha & Kate O’Hara

Martha and Kate are available to every client, every day.

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Angela Martin

Accounting Administrator

Angela Martin

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Angela supports all members of the O’Hara Interiors team in her capacity as an accounting administrator. With a professional background in design and a steel-trap memory for every client and project, Angela appreciates the nuances of the interior design business, making her an invaluable asset to our company.

Livia Reader

Front Desk & Office Assistant

Livia Reader O'hara Interiors

Meet Livia! Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Livia’s academic background in art history and studio art brought her to the world of interior design. Our team absolutely adores her positive attitude and ability to manage multiple priorities and keep everyone on the same page, from clients to partners and designers. With Livia on board, we can confidently say that our clients and team are in great hands!

Lindsay Gammon


Lindsay Webcrop22

Hailing from small-town Minnesota, Lindsay works with our designers, furniture brand representatives, and logistics services partners to ensure our clients receive their furnishings according to project timelines. Lindsay’s work involves the retail marketplace, which is impacted by global events and everyday mishaps, and her team and clients appreciate her ability to maximize efficiency.

Martha & Kate O’Hara

Martha and Kate are available to every client, every day.


Erin Baumer

Accounting Associate

Erin Baumer O'hara Interiors

Erin’s keen eye for numerical order contributes to O’Hara Interiors’ fastidious financial information management for internal and external stakeholders. She assists the finance team in a multitude of capacities, ensuring all projects run smoothly, and loves to witness the design team bring their innovative work to life.

Teresa Thompson

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Messy Bun Designer Silhouette

From the East Coast to Minneapolis, Teresa’s career has led her to several places around the U.S. She found her greatest satisfaction in accounts payable, where she gets to connect with a variety of our partners and manage transactions, resolve discrepancies, and diligently maintain financial records.

Shubha Harithasa

Director of Finance

Shubha Harithasa

Shubha’s extensive background in accounting and start-ups has honed her analytical and multitasking abilities, allowing her to expertly manage all levels of our financial reporting. She also plays a critical role across the company’s Operations, HR, and IT departments.

Martha & Kate O’Hara

Martha and Kate are available to every client, every day.

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