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Eleven on the River: Big City Luxury Condo Meets the Midwest

Eleven on the River: Big City Luxury Condo Meets the Midwest

Furnishing Your Downtown Highrise Doesn’t Have to be Bland

Eleven Residences is the epitome of luxury living in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. For this stylish couple, it offered living space that fully aligned with their on-the-go lifestyle, given its proximity to the airport and convenient location within walking distance of some of Minneapolis’ finest restaurants.

The vision was clear: to create a modern, exquisitely furnished space to serve as their home base in the Midwest for the next three years. With an eye on versatility, they aimed for a neutral palette that would seamlessly adapt to any future color scheme or interior design. Their primary objective was to curate a collection of furniture and decor that was readily available, an essential consideration given their short-term stay.

Tasked with turning this pristine condo into a haven of sophistication and comfort, Senior Designer Gabby Laboy furnished this space for these discerning clients, effortlessly blending the contemporary aesthetic often found in New York City with the charm of the Midwest.

The Furniture Design Process

The design process started by planning the furniture layout. Because of extended lead times, Gabby needed to ensure everything selected was in stock and ready for immediate shipment. The decision to maintain a neutral color palette aligned with the client’s desire for versatility and streamlined the selection process.

Check out the whole project from our portfolio here: Eleven on the River

Designed for Luxury Living

A neutral palette can often lean bland or boring, but this one exudes comfort, relaxation, and class. Gabby elevated this space through texture, materials, and sculptural selections. Because of this attentiveness, each design element is intentional, balanced, and visually interesting.

Want a similar, clean aesthetic? The main flow paint color is similar to Benjamin Moore Simply White

Condo Living Reimagined

Furnishing this luxury downtown highrise epitomizes the seamless fusion of urban sophistication and the charm of Midwest living. It showcases the capabilities of a design team that effortlessly balances the clients’ unique needs with the constraints of timelines and availability.

With an emphasis on creating an elegant and versatile space, Gabby and her team have curated a home these homeowners can enjoy during their stay in Minneapolis and take with them as they embark on their next adventure. This individual unit within Eleven Residences demonstrates what is possible within the confines of a limited space. It showcases the importance of thoughtful design when furnishing your downtown condo and any big city residence.

Curious to learn more about Eleven on the River? Check out the official site here: ELEVEN | MINNEAPOLIS

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