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Weekly IG Recap, July 10th

Weekly IG Recap, July 10th

3 things this week…

1. Insta-Story Home Tours

MN Edina Home Tour

A vibrant and colorful home for a young family in Edina! Check out our Instagram highlights to see more of this beautiful home! Or click the link to see the whole home in our website portfolio: Arden Park Home

TX Hill Country Home Tour

This stunning home is perfect for the classic at heart. Located in Hill Country, TX, we love all the formal & non-formal spaces it has to offer! Outdoor living, a music room and more! Check out our Instagram highlights for more or view the whole home from our website portfolio here: Hill Country Retreat

For more, check out our Instagram HERE

2. Summer-long Celebrations Continue!

Sad that 4th of July is over and done with?

Well, don’t be! Our 4th of July recommendations are perfect for any summer day! If you didn’t get a chance to check out our latest blog post for these holiday festivities, make sure to check it out here: Celebrate Summer at Home.

3. Your Everyday Home Retreat, Web Series

Kate has taken part in Your Everyday Home Retreat, web seminar series, hosted by Ingela Ruschin. It aired live on Sunday, June 28th, but if you missed it…you’ll have a chance to catch it again (along with all other guest speakers)! Catch her while she chats about designing multi-purpose spaces into multi-functional spaces starting July 14th-16th!

Kate Thecollective 1

Register HERE to view this Web Seminar Series!

Thanks for following along this week, and we’re excited to be spending the summer with you all! Stay healthy!
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