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Dated Wood Tones on Floors, Cabinets, and Trim: 6 Things You Can Do and Why

Dated Wood Tones on Floors, Cabinets, and Trim: 6 Things You Can Do and Why

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Remodeling is sometimes about embracing and enhancing what is already there – like dated wood tones on flooring, cabinets, and trim. And sometimes, it’s better to start from scratch to achieve the desired aesthetic. There is no right answer – it’s truly about doing what works for you, your design aesthetic, and your budget. But how can you work with what you have?
When it comes to dated wood tones in your home, there are a number of ways to integrate and sometimes overwhelming options when selecting new. Today we’re sharing our six best tips on how to make the most of those dated wood tones in your home while also renovating your space to feel functional and luxe.

1. Mixing Wood Tones

Embracing what is already there doesn’t mean you want more of it. Sometimes the perfect way to balance a heavy wood tone is by adding a complementary modern tone. Everything doesn’t have to match perfectly.

Furnishings are a great way to do just that. In our Boho Bungalow Remodel, we embraced the existing flooring with a fresh finish and integrated complementary tones to add warmth and dimension. Of particular note, rattan living room consoles, a floating seat on the stairway landing, the foyer bench, and a family-size dining table all create intentional cohesion, seamlessly blending in with adopted original finishes.

Want to see amazing before and afters of our Boho Bungalow Remodel? Check it out HERE.

2. Refinish What You Love

Another great option for those wood finishes that look great but don’t match your aesthetic … refinishing. Important to note that this does require enough thickness (especially on flooring) to remove the existing finish with sanding. Likewise, when working on detailed cabinetry, it can be challenging to completely remove the finish. However, this is a great option when you love what you have but need a refresh.

Another great option is bleaching. While less common, in the right situation, the results are absolutely stunning. These walnut floors were bleached to lighten the overall tone, which feels more fitting for this bright, all-white kitchen. The best part – the walnut grain and character get to shine.

View more photos of our Wayzata Kitchen Remodel HERE.

3. Refresh With Paint

Whether you love the all-white aesthetic or bold colors, paint is an easy way to transform trim or cabinetry. Refreshing with paint provides instant gratification, immediately elevates a space, and in turn, how you feel in your home.

When painting, it’s important to keep in mind the solid backdrop that you are now creating – pay attention to style of panels and hardware used. These details speak louder when painted over stained and often impact how updated a style can feel.

Check out the amazing transformation of our Downtown Loft Remodel HERE.

4. When All Else Fails, Replace

And sometimes, you just can’t make those existing (and dated feeling) wood tones work with the new design vision. In these situations, it’s best to scrap it and start over to achieve the look you desire.

For this client, the vision and color selections required a focused palette which meant replacing floors, trim, and cabinetry to create a cohesive home. With flooring that flows throughout the main level, finding the right wood tone was essential to the overall design and adds an almost retreat-like feel to the space.

Tour our Rollingwood Remodel HERE.

5. Embrace It

Some historic and established homes have beautiful wood finishes that you don’t want to change, but that you’d struggle to match in other areas of the home – perhaps there are antique or exotic wood features. In this case, your best course of action is to find new elements that will integrate with those lovely existing tones.

In a recent Texas Hill Country remodel, our client wanted to stay true to the home, which meant embracing original, luxe elements, like traditional red-toned wood floors and textured tile, rather than following the current trends. A bright and neutral color palette with rich wood notes and jewel-toned accents complement the existing flooring. The addition of large area rugs adds coziness and lets the flooring feel more of an accent than the backdrop.

We love working with Fay + Belle rugs for their endless selections! Check out their limitless options, including custom sizes, colors, and patterns to fit any space: fayandbellerugs.com

6. Get Design Help

Making big design decisions can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to envision how multiple elements work together and contribute to an overall home design. Prioritizing time and budget into updating flooring, cabinetry, and trim throughout your home will have a big impact on your space and the design vision, and whether seeking design consultation or full-service support, interior designers can ensure the overall aesthetic comes together beautifully.

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