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MOI Spring Paint Guide

MOI Spring Paint Guide

Spring is here!

With all the time we’re spending at home right now, many of our clients are looking for ways to freshen up their interiors. One of the most popular questions we get asked is about paint colors – the best white, the best blue, the best brown. Today, we want to remind you that walls aren’t the only parts of your home you can paint! Cabinets and vanities are wonderful places to add color, and with flowers starting to bloom, we thought we would share our favorite spring-inspired colors. Enjoy!

1. Light Pistachio 2034-60, Benjamin Moore

Inspiring all the nostalgia of ice cream cones on a summer day, Benjamin Moore’s Light Pistachio is an absolute treat! Sliding somewhere between mint and turquoise, this color is light, effervescent, and fresh as can be!

2. Organdy 1248, Benjamin Moore

For a grown-up pink, look no further. Benjamin Moore’s Organdy has just enough gray and lavender to prove pastels aren’t just for kids.

3. Winter Solstice 1605, Benjamin Moore

Sick of gray but not sure how bright you want to go with blue? Benjamin Moore’s Winter Solstice is just the thing. Don’t let its name fool you – this creamy blue tone reminds us of skygazing on a clear May day.

4. Crossroads 1226, Benjamin Moore

It’s coral, meets sorbet, meets Bellinis at brunch. Benjamin Moore’s Crossroads is the tender side of the orange-pink hue that we all love to debate.

5. Yorktowne Green HC-133, Benjamin Moore

Somewhere between royal blue and forest green lies Benjamin Moore’s Yorktowne Green. We love how it manages to be cheerful in tone and saturated in hue. If you love jewel tones but don’t want your home to feel too serious, this is one to consider.

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