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12 Best Interior Design Instagrams to Follow in 2020

12 Best Interior Design Instagrams to Follow in 2020

Inspiration for a new home design project can stem from just about anywhere. A stunning wallpaper, a piece of artwork you’ve had for years or a simple look outside your window can often be the catalyst for great design. But more often than not, we’re turning to our fellow interior designers and architects on Instagram to inspire us!

Without further ado, and in no particular order, below are our favorite home design accounts on Instagram right now! These are the feeds that you will find us scrolling through time and time again, and turning back to, to spark creativity.

1. Marlene Seiner Borthen

Marlene Seiner Borthen
@mdezeiner | mdezeiner.com

If you didn’t know Marlene was an architect before hopping on over to her feed, a quick glance will instantly change that. Her account is thoughtfully, and masterfully, curated to display shapes and shadows in unique ways. She also loves to share her fellow designers’ work – follow one, and receive inspiration from many!

2. Erica Chan Coffman

Erica Chan Coffman
@honestlywtf | honestlywtf.com

No passport? No problem! Erica has a different type of design feed, but one that should not be overlooked! She is an avid traveler, and her feed is full of vibrant, beautiful snapshots from around the world. She takes inspiration from the little, everyday things, which we can’t help but admire. We recently heard her speak, and she was as entertaining and fun to listen to as her Instagram is colorful.

3. deVOL Kitchens

deVOL Kitchens
@devolkitchens | devolkitchens.com

When it comes to kitchens, deVOL has a superpower. And they aren’t afraid of color, either! Which is great, because we’ll be seeing a trend of non-white kitchens in 2020. If you’re looking to follow suit, deVOL’s feed is full of boundary-pushing inspiration. They certainly encourage us to think outside of the box.

4. Decor No5

Decor No5
@decorno5 | decorno5.com

London-based Décor No5 expertly uses neutrals in a way that no other home design account on Instagram does. Crisp and clean, their photos effortlessly showcase WHITE! It’s a great follow for those looking to incorporate the hue more in their own home.

5. Christian Daw

Christian Daw
@christiandawdesign | christiandawdesign.com

Christian is equally as charming and witty in person as he is on Instagram. He is the king of exteriors, and his feed proves it! We often find ourselves turning to his account for inspiration for new builds.

6. Alyssa Kapito

Alyssa Kapito
@alyssakapitointeriors | alyssakapito.com

We love Alyssa’s minimal approach to traditional sophistication! She expertly marries neutral tones with natural materials to create an organic feed. And her lean towards refinement takes it up a notch.

7. Kate Abt Design

Kate Abt Design
@kateabtdesign | kateabtdesign.com

Originally from London, and now based in Maryland, Kate’s style is the definition of European cottage. (Think Kate Winslet’s home in The Holiday.) We love getting lost in her feed, which features spaces that expertly mix neutrals and color. It’s the perfect blend of American and English design! 

8. Caitlin Flemming

Caitlin Flemming
@caitlinflemming | caitlinflemming.com

We also recently heard Caitlin speak – she’s down-to-earth, gracious and as welcoming as her Instagram. And we love her color palette! She uses neutrals in such unique ways, and focuses on the little details that make a large impact – plants, accessories and artwork. Plus, she recently wrote a book showcasing the homes of global designers. Caitlin, we’re dying to get our hands on a copy of Travel Home!

9. Evens Architects

Evens Architects
@evensarchitects | evensarc.com

Los Angeles-based Evens Architects work is, in one word, STUNNING. And their Instagram feed is no different. It truly encapsulates the California Mediterranean-style feel. 

10. Jeffrey Dungan

Jeffrey Dungan
   @jeffreydungan |  jeffreydungan.com

Jeffrey Dungan is an award-winning architect and author. We find ourselves turning to his page, time and time again, for inspiration for unique details and architecturally beautiful spaces. His new book, The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses, gives readers a look inside eight historical homes. It’s out now!

11. Kyla Herbes

Kyla Herbes
@houseofhipstersblog | houseofhipsters.com

Kyla is as funny, kind and whip-smart in person as you would expect. She is as approachable as she is smart, which is one heck of a combination! She recently completed a renovation of her own home, and is sharing it over on her blog House of Hipsters! Additionally, she has been recognized, several times over, as one of the best Interior Design blogs in the nation. And once you see her feed, you’ll understand why.

12. Martha O’Hara Interiors

Landmark Photo Studio, Photography
@ohara_interiors | oharainteriors.com

{Shameless plug} You didn’t think we would leave ourselves off this list… did you? Since you’re already on Instagram, you might as well give us a follow too! Don’t miss out on home reveals, behind the scenes moments and daily design inspiration.

There you have it! The 12 best Interior Design Instagrams to follow in 2020. Happy scrolling!

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  • Priya Dharshini
    | 25 September 2020

    Amazing list! It is so good to know about these Instagram accounts. Following such interior design accounts will definitely open the way for inspirations. Thanks for sharing!

    • moi
      | 28 September 2020

      We’re so glad you think so! Thanks for following along!

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