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A Furnished High-Rise along River Parkway

A Furnished High-Rise along River Parkway

Explore A Colorful Residence within Eleven on the River

There’s nothing quite like living in a high-rise penthouse — with its luxurious amenities and urban charm, it’s the pinnacle of sophistication and convenience. 

This River Parkway high-rise, nestled in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, boasts a captivating blend of unbeatable location and the highest caliber of on-site services. This particular residence is a testament to how furnishings can transform a space. 

Working alongside our clients, senior designer Gabby Laboy infused their personality and preferences by incorporating colorful accents, unique character, and custom furnishings that cater to daily needs. From the stunning views to the welcoming interior, read on to learn how this high-rise residence was tailored to perfectly suit this couple’s lifestyle.

Unveiling the Inspiration and Goals

2 Bedroom Design West River Parkway High Rise O'hara Interiors

The owners worked with Gabby to envision a stylish yet comfortable space where friends and family felt welcomed. Drawing inspiration from their travels to Stockholm, Sweden, they infused the condo with rich jewel tones and unique textures. The walls feature grasscloth wallpaper, meticulously integrated to add depth and intentionality to the space. The plush velvet bolster pillow, relaxed channeled coverlet, and bench in a textured weave upholstery, add layers of interest and reflect the couple’s distinct style.

Crafting Functional and Stylish Spaces

3 Furniture Design Downtown Living O'hara Interiors

When designing the main living spaces, Gabby created a focal point to bring the family together in comfort and style. While being mindful of layout constraints, Gabby was able to provide this family with ample seating and ambiance. Every element of the space was handpicked and strategically placed to maximize functionality and aesthetics.

To meet the couple’s need for comfortable seating, Gabby incorporated a luxurious chenille swivel chair, generously sized sofa, and boucle chair offering stunning skyline views. Each provides an ideal spot for relaxation or daydreaming. Additional details like velvet footstools and a marble inlay console, along with a neutral-colored wool rug, complement the room’s design.

4 Functional And Stylish Dining Room And Kitchen Design O'hara Interiors Design Studio

Next, we knew hosting guests would be a regular affair, so we selected an expandable dining table to accommodate different group sizes. Whether it was a dinner for four or a gathering for ten, the table could be transformed to suit the occasion without compromising style.

Finally, we added distressed velvet swivel counter stools to provide the perfect space for entertaining and catching up with friends or family. The stools are user-friendly, allowing anyone to pivot and participate in the conversation, no matter where they are in the room. The coordination of nailhead details from the counter stools to the dining table chairs further ties together the kitchen and dining areas.

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Personalities and Preferences

5 Luxurious And Colorful Design For High Rise Penthouse O'hara Interiors Design Studio

Gabby crafted a cohesive design by blending the couple’s two favorite but distinct styles: contemporary and classic. Their love for jewel tones, mainly blue and plum, heavily influences the color palette of this high-rise. The deep and rich hues add depth and character to the space, elevating the overall aesthetic.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, we placed a high emphasis on functionality throughout our design process. Each furniture piece and decor item was meticulously selected to exude elegance and seamlessly fulfill practical needs. Moreover, we intentionally incorporated refined finishes with a worn, old-world appearance, aiming for a natural and lived-in feel.

Elevate Your High-Rise Penthouse Experience

6 Furnishings For High Rise City Living O'hara Interiors

The River Parkway High-Rise is a stunning example of how creative design can transform a high-rise penthouse into a one-of-a-kind oasis. The O’Hara Interiors team is a skilled set of professionals who can ingeniously work color, texture, and functional elegance into any space. The result is a personalized urban retreat that blends classic and contemporary styles.

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