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A Penthouse Retreat at Fifth and West

A Penthouse Retreat at Fifth and West

This Downtown Austin Vacation Home Lives Like a Hotel

When life gets busy, the comfort of home becomes irresistible. For those who split their time between multiple residences, a penthouse retreat can offer an all-inclusive hotel-style experience but with all the familiarities of home. For others, a vacation home can offer more amenities than their primary residences. This particular unit caught the eye of our clients because of its unobstructed views of downtown Austin. The couple waited months for its availability before finally designing their dream condo in the residences of Fifth and West. The skyline views, open living space, and extensive in-building conveniences made this the perfect place to stay when visiting family in Austin.

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Merging Modernity with Traditional Notes

When our long-time clients reached out to us, we were excited to take on the challenge of merging the contemporary ambiance of their Fifth and West condo with their natural transitional style. Having worked with them previously, we knew it needed to be a home that seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with cherished traditional pieces, all while maintaining the uninterrupted and breathtaking views that drew them to this particular unit.

Downsizing from a larger home, they envisioned refined simplicity without compromising on abundant amenities. With our clients’ full trust, we explored various bold color palette options, ultimately settling on a sophisticated blue that exudes timeless elegance. 

they envisioned refined simplicity without compromising on abundant amenities

Our designer, Heidi, then selected a mix of traditional and sleek furnishings and decor to fill the space, harmoniously positioning them within the modern aesthetic of the condo. The condo’s large elevator facilitated a smooth installation of large-scale furnishings and a baby grand piano, reflecting the ease of working with clients who value quality and style. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure an unforgettable stay, from the plush sofas to the grand balcony overlooking the stunning views.

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Penthouse Furniture Design Embodies Elegance and Expanse

Functional and beautiful, this breathtaking penthouse retreat exudes modern elegance and style. Low-profile pieces maintain unobstructed views and cater to the needs of the residents. Located in the heart of Austin’s bustling downtown market district, this condo is truly one of a kind. Spacious living areas and various amenities speak to this family’s needs.

This fully furnished gem gives off an aura of sophistication without compromising comfort. Every aspect was thoughtfully curated to create a home away from home.

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Overall, this condo is a true masterpiece, a stunning blend of modern style and luxurious comfort. It’s a space that perfectly embodies the spirit of Austin’s downtown, offering these homeowners a unique and unparalleled living experience, one they’ll be happy to continue for their next vacation home. The result is a captivating space that our clients proudly call their own.

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