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Interior Design How-To: Designing with Bold Colors

Interior Design How-To: Designing with Bold Colors

Bold colors can feel scary and be a big commitment when designing or redesigning your home. But we’re here to tell you it’s possible to integrate color to add impact and showcase personality while creating a timeless design and not overwhelming the space.

Color blocking is just one way to integrate bold colors into your home. It’s about using large blocks or panels of bold, bright colors to create contrast and maximum impact. Color blocking can mean numerous bold accents throughout a home or a focused palette featuring a few preferred colorful accents. Either way, it’s about capturing the homeowner’s personality and creating a comfortable and inspired space.

In our Colorblock Nordic Chalet, designer Gabby Laboy went bold with color throughout the home. For the client, this felt more comfortable because it was a vacation home and not their primary residence. It’s an aesthetic that feels vibrant and invigorating … precisely what one seeks in a place of rest and relaxation.

Go Bold, but Keep It Simple

For this resort owner and lover of color, it was essential to integrate variety into the design of her vacation home. When mixing an assortment of hues while maintaining sophistication and elegance, we were strategic in balancing each element with other design details.

Cabinetry throughout this home features bright and bold paints that create a moment within each space. Each one works well when other details and finishes are kept neutral and warm, allowing the boldness of each accent to shine. The kitchen’s bright green cabinets are complemented by warm butcher block countertops and a neutral island to balance the space.

Add It with Art & Furnishings

Another way to integrate bold color is through the art, furnishings, and finish selections. Whether they feature one shade or a mosaic of personality, it adds visual interest to a home without overpowering a room or the overall design.

Each room of this vacation home is a case study in bold color. A primary bedroom exhibits vibrant accents among the furnishings. Artwork in the open living features a bright red floral design and end tables in a more understated blue. And a tiled shower is a work of art itself. Stunning vertical lain, handmade tiles are a mosaic to adore. By integrating accents throughout each space, balance and boldness let this chalet shine.

Don’t Underestimate the Little Details

Bold colors can feel overwhelming within a space. Still, little details are a way to create a more cohesive design without overpowering it. Cabinetry throughout the home makes a big statement, and accents complete the design. A home’s personality is about the little touches, from vibrant throw pillows to well-styled shelves.

A tasteful rainbow can be seen throughout this chalet. From small accents to large furnishings and cabinetry, continuity is key to a vibrant design that works.

A tasteful rainbow can be seen throughout this chalet. From small accents to large furnishings and cabinetry, continuity is key to a vibrant design that works. Throw pillows in the living room add cohesion to a palette that could otherwise feel random. In a shelf-lined hallway, neutral built-ins are a backdrop for splashy styling – mementos from a life well-lived, memories to be shared, and experiences to be had. The bedroom continues these accents throughout without any one color stealing the show.

You can personalize your design with your favorite bold colors. And depending on what form it takes in your home, it can make a statement, whether large or small. This vacation home is the retreat our client dreamed of – bringing her love of color, family, and need for rest and reprieve together in one well-designed home. 

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