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Our Favorite Paint Colors

Our Favorite Paint Colors

All our favorite paint colors in one spot!

Whites, neutrals, blues, and bold colors.

When it comes time to choose your favorite paint color, it can be hard to know where exactly to start. All those inspiration photos you’ve saved over the years may be creating confusion or uncertainty for you. 

We’ve put together our favorite paint colors for your home – from the timeless classics to our favorites for 2021!

So go ahead! Hurry to your nearest paint store, snag those paint samples or start testing that spot on the wall. And, let us know what you think! We always love to hear about your favorite colors too!

Our Favorite White Paint Color

It’s the most universal color in our homes, yet somehow the hardest to choose. With many different tones and brands, like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, to consider, it can be helpful to work with a well-defined list!. Here are our favorite white paint colors from a variety of brands we love. These whites work well on walls, trim, ceiling, molding, and of course, cabinets. Take a look, and pick your favorite white paint color!

Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

This line up of neutrals never seems to fail. Here are a variety of great staple neutrals if you’re hoping to stay away from white. We love using our favorite neutral paint colors mostly on walls and sometimes on cabinetry.

Our Favorite Blue Paint Colors

It’s almost everyone’s favorite color! From cool blue to moody navy, here are all our favorite blue paint colors. Blue can be used to bring a little color – or a lot of drama – into your space without worry over taking a risk. We love using blue paint colors on kitchen islands and cabinetry, on bedrooms or office walls, and in kids rooms too! You can’t go wrong with this traditional hue that everyone loves.

Our Favorite Bold Paint Colors

From pastels to deep hues, colorful paint is one of our favorite ways to make a design statement in a room. We love using colors on cabinetry, kitchen islands, and wainscoting. Small rooms and secluded spaces are also wonderful opportunities for bright and moody color statements. Here’s a list of colors we’ve used on recent projects!

We hope we’ve inspired you to step outside your comfort zone when picking out your favorite paint color. Finding the perfect paint color for your home is challenging, but these guides can help give you a head start. Stay tuned for more in-depth paint guides to come, and happy painting!

Looking for more options including grays? Check out our Neutral Paint Guide.

Comments (2)
  • Kathryn
    | 26 January 2021

    So difficult to REALLY see colors on a monitor. What are your favorite greige colors…might look a tad cool in some light & a tad warm in another but not overtly one or the other.
    MANY thanks!

    • moi
      | 27 January 2021

      Thanks for letting us know! The best way to compare colors for your space is with swatches and sampling in your home. We’re hoping these guides will help you make selections when at the paint store or ordering online. Check out our previous paint guide for some greige options that we love <3 https://oharainteriors.com/neutral-paint-guide-2020/ Happy Painting!

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