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Austin, TX Home Meets Its Full Potential

Austin, TX Home Meets Its Full Potential

4 Tips to Using Your Homes Full Potential + A Specialty Shopping Guide

As homeowners, sometimes our architectural foundation shines brighter than the interior itself. Remodeling your home may feel like an unattainable task, but working with an interior designer can help you realize your home’s full potential.

In Hill Country Austin, Texas, this Spanish Colonial was lacking in charm, style, and making the best use of a bright interior while maximizing those hill country views – Needless to say, our clients were ready for a remodel.

1. Creating Separate Spaces In An Open Floor Plan

Dark and dreary to bright and open. Having an open floor plan can prove challenging when deciding what sort of furnishings you need. We recommend that you look at how you will use your space – then, create designated areas for that use, and source furnishings accordingly.

In this home, we started by updating an intimate kitchen, making room for multiple large exterior windows. Next to the kitchen, we designated a formal dining space that looked into the formal living room. With a lovely glam aesthetic, we didn’t want to overwhelm the home with elaborate furnishings, so we opted to compliment the statement-making architecture and lighting with comfortable, yet high-end furnishings. We left the windows free of window treatments creating ample opportunity for a sun-filled living space.

Tip #1: Along with creating separate spaces within your floor-plan, it’s also important to create continuity. The best way to do this is through your main floor paint color, which adds natural flow in your space!

2. Custom Rugs & Furnishings

When you want a one-of-a-kind design in your home – unique lighting, custom furnishings and rugs can help you obtain your personal design. Though all the lighting in this home was pre-existing, we were able to add our own customizations through a dining table that extends for our clients to host with a vintage Turkish Fay + Belle rug underneath and comfortable furnishings highlighted with glam accessories throughout.

3. A Kitchen That Makes A Statement

This unique backsplash can be seen from two rooms away – we’d call that making a statement. Picking out fun tiles and island colors in your home are both ways to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. These luscious white countertops are the icing on the cake!

Tip #2: Mixing different metals in your kitchen is a great way to add some variety and style! (Bar stools, faucets, light fixtures, & hardware!)
Tip #3: Swivel stools are an ideal furniture option because of their versatility between spaces! Here, we chose a Hickory Chair stool with performance fabric made for a busy family with kids! Want more info on the stools? Connect with us directly!

4. Adjusting the Design to Fit the Scale of A Room

When dealing with larger-scale homes, rooms can sometimes feel ‘too big’. In order to keep this bedroom from feeling that way, we added a tall headboard, a long bench, an oversized teardrop chandelier, and two chest-sized nightstands. The neutral color palette and vibrant patterns give this well-sized bedroom a completed and cozy good night’s sleep.

Our Shopping Guide You’ve All Been Waiting For…

These 4 simple tips can help maximize any home’s full potential. To check out more photos of this remodel, view our Hill Country Classic Home.

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