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The O’Hara Method: How to Select a Rug

The O’Hara Method: How to Select a Rug

Rug Guide Part 1: Simple Tips for Area Rugs

Rugs are essential to many homes. They add color, structure, and warmth while establishing a boundary. With the help of this rug guide, we hope you’ll feel confident diving into the art and science of choosing the perfect area rugs for your home.

We think the most important place to start is to consider the function of a room and your overall lifestyle. Everything else – material, texture, pattern, color, and size will follow.

How Do I Pick a Rug?

There are a few key considerations when picking the perfect rug for you. Of course, you need an idea of rug placement and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, but more importantly, you must consider function.

1. Purpose & Palette

An essential first step. Consider function and color within the room and surrounding spaces.

2. Construction & Material

Quality construction and thoughtful material selection will help your rug last a lifetime…or longer. Check out our Rug Construction & Material Chart below for the most commonly used industry examples.

3. The Importance of Care

The lifetime of your rug will ultimately depend on you and how you care for your rug.

Stay tuned for specific best practices when selecting a rug in our Rug Guide Part II.

Not sure where to start looking for rugs? Check out our favorite rug line, Fay + Belle Rugs!

How Do I Choose the Right Rug Size?

Rugs are an investment so you want to plan ahead to make the best choice possible. What can potentially make your rug size decision disastrous is when you don’t consider your surrounding needs.

1. Recognize Trip Hazards

Your rug should either cover the entire walkway or leave the walking path completely open.

2. Furniture Placement

Ideally, you want all four legs of a furniture piece placed on an area rug with space to spare, but for smaller homes, 2 legs work.

3. Consider Room Function

Whether it’s the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, or foyer, there are many different aspects to review. We’ll dive deeper into each room in our Rug Guide Part II…stay tuned!

Why Do I Need A Rug Pad?

Not only do rug pads prevent slips and falls, but they also provide additional cushion for your feet and protection to your flooring underneath. Even the cleanest of homes collect small dirt and dust particles, and this soil can rub and scratch flooring with movement. Rug pads will help prevent major damage and delay minor damage – prolonging the life of your rug and floor.

Rug pads will help prevent major damage and delay minor damage – prolonging the life of your rug and floor.

This is only the start of selecting the perfect rug for your home, make sure to stay tuned for Part II for more in-depth direction into choosing rugs to fit your home!

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  • Kris
    | 1 October 2021

    I have a pro tip for selecting the perfect rug…. Purchase through the MOI designers to help you weed through all the selections so you end up with a unique, durable, perfect palette and size! ❤️

    • moi
      | 1 October 2021

      LOL! We love this pro tip!! <3

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