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The O’Hara Method: How We Hang Lights

The O’Hara Method: How We Hang Lights

Your Guide to Hanging Lights

When it comes to statement lighting in your home, final decisions can be nerve-wracking. We’ve pulled together a simple guide to hanging lights to help! From how high to hang a fixture, to how many lights a space needs, these guides feature standard measurements you can follow to achieve the room design of your dreams.

Hanging Island Pendants

How many lights do I need? How far should I space my light fixtures? How high do I need to hang my lights? These are all important questions we’ve heard many of you ask, and when it comes to hanging your lights, it’s important to have a plan beforehand so you’re prepared for your electrician. A room won’t feel balanced unless you pay close attention to the spacing and sizing of your light fixtures.

If you’re going to use your island in ways that require a lot of reaching, stay on the higher side of our hanging range. And it’s always worth keeping in mind that transparent fixtures will have less visual weight than solids – that can help in deciding just how large you want your pendants to be!

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How to Hang Your Dining Room Chandelier

Dining room chandeliers can be tricky. Dining rooms are a place for hosting and you want to create a welcoming atmosphere for many. The challenge is making sure your space feels open enough for comfortable conversation, without sacrificing style – after all chandeliers are opportunities to make a statement. The key is in paying attention to your lighting’s placement in comparison to your dining room table.

Just like with pendants, if you plan to play games or puzzles, work or craft on your dining table, go a little higher – you don’t want to worry over needing to duck!

Have to see a few more angles of this city loft dining room? Check out the views from our portfolio, HERE.

The Right Height for Your Great Room Fixture

Often the grandest of them all, are great room and entry fixtures. It may not be your main source of light, but it’s the one that makes the biggest design impact in your space, so it’s important you have a fixture large enough to make a statement, without weighing down your home.

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No matter what room of your home you are working on, we hope this guide to hanging lights will help you and your electrician create balance and beauty in your home. Each home is different, so please make sure to consider your overall space – this includes and is not limited to furnishing placement, ceiling and electrical design, and lighting shape and design.

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