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A Festive Glimpse: the Holiday Season with Kate O’Hara

A Festive Glimpse: the Holiday Season with Kate O’Hara

The holiday season is a magical time filled with cherished traditions, delectable treats, and heartwarming decor that brings joy to many. At Martha O’Hara Interiors, our CEO and Creative Director, Kate O’Hara, shares her favorite holiday moments, culinary delights, and the personal touches that make her home a festive haven.

Traditions For The Holiday Season

Holiday Traditions

Kate has two favorite holiday traditions! The day before Thanksgiving, she hosts a delightful Friendsgiving in her home. A low-key affair filled with good food and even better company. It’s an enjoyable and stress-free way to kick off the holiday season.

With a large extended family, Kate spreads holiday cheer by creating mass gifts each year. From candied fruit dipped in chocolates to mason jars filled with stew ingredients, her thoughtful creations showcase the true spirit of giving.
Great holiday gift idea! Stunning (and delicious!) Chocolate Dipped Dried Orange Slices.

A Joy of Cooking

For Kate, the joy of the holiday season is not just in savoring delicious meals but in the act of cooking itself. She enjoys preparing dishes like shepherd’s pie, baking cheesecakes, and crafting apple-cranberry pies that become the heart of festive celebrations.

A Theme For The Holiday Season

A Themed Holiday

Kate transforms her space by theming Christmas around wrapping paper. Choosing the perfect paper becomes an art form, and the holiday decor revolves around this festive theme, creating a visually stunning and cohesive holiday setting.

The holidays are also the time for scented candles, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in her home. A trip to Trader Joe’s for fresh wreaths adds a touch of nature to her house, while stockings knitted by her grandma bring a nostalgic charm to the festive decorations.

She constantly experiments with wreaths, ribbons, and a color palette that changes yearly. From a pink Christmas to classic red and green, her holiday decor is a reflection of her artistic spirit.

Check out our project, Holidays at Home, for a glimpse at a stunning red and white seasonal palette.

Kate's Beloved Dog Finn

No Matter the Season

Mornings hold a special place in Kate’s heart. Waking up in a quiet house, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, and listening to music sets the tone for a peaceful day ahead.

And no matter where she is, at work or home, one constant for Kate is her beloved dog, Finn. A source of comfort and joy, Finn adds an extra layer of warmth to the holiday festivities and daily life.

As the holiday season unfolds, Kate embraces her favorite traditions, quality time with those she loves, and an opportunity to have fun with home decor. This holiday, get creative, find joy in giving, and embrace the warmth of the season.

Photos from the rest of Kate’s house: Midwest Casual Remodel

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