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Uniquely-Designed Storage Solutions for an Organized Home

Uniquely-Designed Storage Solutions for an Organized Home

A common New Year’s resolution is to clear the clutter that is taking over your home. While part of this process is all about ridding yourself of what you no longer need and use, another key element to clutter is ensuring everything has a place. 

Whether planning a remodel, building your dream home or simply getting creative with the space you currently have available, unique storage solutions ensure the things you need and use regularly have a place – keeping clutter at bay.

Today, we’re sharing creative storage solutions to consider as you plan your remodel or new build.

4 Creative Storage & Space-Saving Solutions

1. The Appliance Garage.

Maybe your kitchen includes a designated appliance garage or perhaps this is a feature you have long dreamed of. When considering this addition be sure to account for all your daily countertop needs that can be thoughtfully hidden away. Countertop appliances are abundant and large. Making room for more is never a bad idea.

2. The Hidden Home Office.

With more time being spent at home, it can feel challenging to use precious square footage for a designated office.  A home workspace is now essential whether for school or profession. And, with this ideal creative storage solution, office clutter can be concealed and available storage is maximized.

3. Functional Laundry Room Features.

For many, it’s a dreaded task. But an elegant and functional space can make all the difference. Unique and practical features can help it work best for you. Drawer pull-outs and hidden drying racks keep everything organized and in one space, without taking up much-needed real estate for the business of laundry.

4. Locker-Style Storage.

Whether remodeling or building, there is no such thing as too much storage and these locker-style cabinets are flexible and sizeable. Perfect for a functional mudroom where clutter can get out of control or home office where you want things accessible, but out of sight.

How to Incorporate Storage in Your Home Build or Remodel

Storage is an important consideration when planning. And unique solutions provide maximum benefit without sacrificing the aesthetic of the home and individual rooms. Remodeling with the expertise of an experienced designer affords many opportunities to rethink existing spaces, making the most of your square footage and integrating unique storage solutions to clear the clutter in your home. Likewise, when building your dream home with the help of a talented interior designer, it’s important to consider how you use your current spaces and how you want similar spaces to function for you in the future.

Whether it’s in your kitchen, home office, laundry room, mudroom, or any other spot in your home, creating unique storage solutions allows you to make the most of your square footage for a space and home you love.

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