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3 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

3 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

There is nothing like a long, dark winter to make you long for the newness of spring, and one of the best ways to prepare for the change in season is to refresh your home. This is so much more than the right decor and accents. It’s about maximizing square footage, showcasing views, and enhancing natural light for a bright, airy atmosphere – the perfect reflection of springtime. 

Read below on the three ways you can prepare your home for spring.

1. Embrace Opportunities for Indoor-Outdoor Living

The pandemic led many to desire a more functional home. For some, this meant remodeling; for others, it was about embracing available square footage and prioritizing natural light. Whether you’re in the midst of a remodel or new build or are working with what you have, spring is about making the most of your home’s space (like this family with three busy young boys). Large windows, minimal or bright window treatments, and indoor-outdoor inspired furnishings can provide the comforts of home and a new perspective within and connection amongst the new growth happening outside your home.

Interior Design For Spring Embrace Opportunities For Indoor Outdoor Living
This Austin, TX, year-round porch, built by Olson Defendorf Custom Homes and architecturally designed by Katie Hastings, maximizes natural light and lets fresh air in while the porch protects you from the elements. Light walls and a ceiling repurposed from the original home’s wood flooring add warmth without feeling dark. Furnishings and accents in pale tones are inspired by seasonal spring colors.

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2. Feature Fresh, Statement Florals

Nothing says spring like floral features. And that doesn’t have to mean a weekly bouquet of fresh flowers! Floral-inspired prints and finishes can be included in many ways and effortlessly integrate additional color within your home design. This aesthetic can feel elegant, elevated, playful, and fun. From a floral print wallpaper to accent throws or pillows or a bold, contrasting floral tile design to gilded finishes.

Feature Fresh Statement Florals In Spring Interior Decorating Martha Ohara Interiors
Laura seamlessly blended floral accents throughout the home in an understated and inviting way. Black and white tile in the bathroom manifests a bold floral. In contrast, the bedroom feels soft and embracing with a feminine mural. Although inspired by the season, these accents are timeless and stylish.

3. Incorporate Organic Elements & Silhouettes

Designing With Natural Textures Martha Ohara Interiors

It’s all about growth and renewal, and for us, this easily translates into your home furniture selections. Energized by soft, rounded edges and organic elements, you can focus on furniture silhouettes, natural materials, and layers of texture. This goes deeper than a house full of plants; it means organic elements are everywhere. From your flooring, all the way to your textiles, texture ensures a space feels comfortable for every day and inviting for guests.

Designing With Organic Elements Martha Ohara Interiors
You can soften any space with smooth, rounded edges that feel more understated. From the dining chairs and counter stools to the cozy chairs on the patio, each shape and style is reminiscent of nature with subtle, sloping lines. The chic chandelier and rattan counter stools add texture and glamour, and the mirror off the entryway with a flower-like shape is elegant and playful.

Spring is upon us; now is the time to prepare for the season ahead. It’s not necessary to completely reinvent your home or style. Still, welcome the details you love about the season, from incorporating the best of indoor-outdoor living to inspired florals and organic elements. As long as you have fun, there are endless spring decorating options.

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