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Custom Home Design Has Gone to the Dogs

Custom Home Design Has Gone to the Dogs

4 Ways Interior Design Can Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

Many of us may feel that our furry companions at home are not just pets, but rather an integral part of our lives. Therefore, when it comes to creating a new pet-friendly custom home or remodel, it only makes sense to include them in the design process. With everyday needs and routines taken into consideration, our familiarity in effortlessly blending style and functionality to create a home that is perfect for both humans and pets alike is second nature. Here, we dive into our top four ways to seamlessly integrate your four-legged family members into your home design.

1. Pet-Friendly Custom Cabinetry

1 Pet Friendly Cabinetry
Left: A hidden food/water dish drawer was designed into the cabinetry’s toe-kick feature, Right: A sweet beagle can enjoy naps (and maybe cuddles!) in comfort within the home’s central office space.

We understand that accommodating our pets’ daily needs while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a home can be challenging. However, consider seamlessly integrating their requirements into your home’s functional design. With so many custom cabinetry options available, it can be overwhelming to choose where to start. To simplify the process, we suggest beginning with their basic needs. Hidden storage for toys can keep things organized, a cozy bed for sleeping can offer proximal comfort, and a hidden dish for their food and water are readily available but can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s report on dog-led design. How did My Dogs Become My Decorators?

2. Opportunities to Add Character to Your New Build or Remodel

2 Architectural Details For New Build Or Remodel
This Dutch door is located between the home’s mudroom and kitchen, offering a central space to be attentive to pets’ needs while also corralling when guests are over.

Gone are the days of white-box homes; now, it’s all about adding character and functionality to your home! A mudroom with a Dutch door can be a great way to watch your pets when guests are over while offering them a designated space to relax and play. Other options you could consider: incorporate a kennel room that offers all your pet’s needs, such as easy access to the backyard and the main house, or a smaller detail like a drinking bowl and fountain can also be a fantastic way to add a unique feature to your home.

Click here to check out more of our Hyde Park Classic, designed with pups in mind!

3. Custom Pet-Friendly Design Solutions

3 Pet Friendly Design Solutions O'hara Interiors
Left: This custom-designed shower alcove is specifically built to cater to Fido’s needs. Complete with convenient storage right above – say goodbye to the hassle of bathing your dog in a cramped bathroom! Right: A dark blue mudroom with built-in storage for outdoor gear keeps this home organized. It’s not just for parents and kids—their pets have a cozy spot, too.

Does your dog love to roll in the mud and swim in the lake? While this might be great for dogs, the smell isn’t great for homes. Installing built-in dog showers is a great way to keep dogs and homes clean and fresh! 

And while dog showers might not be an option for all of us, we can consider incorporating helpful features within our mudroom spaces, like built-in dog kennels. Not only do dogs find comfort in enclosed spaces, but these features also offer ease whether we’re leaving or arriving.

Check out this custom and stylish pocket doggie gate in action! What a great feature when the doorbell rings!

4. Showcase Your Pet Love

4 Pet Themed Finishes O'hara Interiors Interior Design
What’s more perfect than a wall covering that showcases your favorite animal? Seen here in a subtle black and white within the guest powder bathroom, it won’t overwhelm or tire.

Consider adding a pet-themed wallpaper, fabrics or other finishes if you’re looking for fun and playful ideas to incorporate into your home. This will bring a touch of whimsy to any space and also showcase our love for your furry friends. The experienced designers at O’Hara Interiors can help you choose the ideal finish to tastefully complete the perfect space within your home.

While these are just a few examples of the many dog-friendly design elements that the designers at O’Hara Interiors can incorporate into your home, they can also tailor their designs to suit your lifestyle and consider the needs of your pets. Whether we’re looking for custom dog beds, unique storage solutions, or personalized spaces for your pets, our team can bring your vision to life while staying within your budget and style preferences.

Looking for more ideas to incorporate into your home design beyond pet-friendly details? Check out our blog post Uniquely-Designed Storage Solutions for An Organized Home.

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