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The Top 3 Holiday Décor Trends

The Top 3 Holiday Décor Trends

Embrace Elegance and Serenity this Season

Preparing to welcome friends and family into our homes offers the perfect opportunity to update our interiors with fresh and festive holiday décor. Want to know how to embrace elegance, serenity, and versatility in your holiday decorating? Here are our top three holiday décor trends to help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your loved ones.

2 Fresh Greens For Holiday Decor
Highlight everyday spaces with a touch of greenery, from minimal accents to statement centerpieces.

1. Go Natural

There’s something undeniably magical about bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside during the holiday season. It’s both classic and refreshing, instantly elevating any space with ease. Include natural elements like greens, plants, and raw finishes or textures in your holiday décor. Fresh greenery, such as pine branches, eucalyptus, and juniper berries, incorporate festive scents and add a touch of nature’s charm to your home. Raw finishes like warm wood accents and woven textures can be introduced through ornaments, tabletop décor, or furnishings like pillows and rugs to add depth and character to your holiday setting.

Want to see something a little more elaborate? Check out our take on adding volume for elaborate holiday decor.

3 Holiday Decor Winterscape
Switch out everyday textiles and accessories with wintry-inspired textures that create the ideal serene space.

2. A Serene Scene for a Low-Stress Holiday

The holidays can be a hectic and stressful time of year. And your home décor shouldn’t add to the stress of the season. Instead, it can provide a soothing escape from the chaos.

Consider a “less is more” approach when decorating for the holidays. Adopt a serene and minimalistic aesthetic by choosing a soft, neutral color palette with silver, gold, and muted pastel accents.

Holiday Decor Tip: Remove one item from your space for every piece you add. This creates a calming and uncluttered atmosphere.

Opt for simple, elegant decorations and avoid overcrowding your space. Incorporate soft textiles, festive rugs, and plush pillows to create cozy comfort. The holidays are a time for being together, and curating a serene aesthetic helps you and your guests unwind.

Browse Home for the Holidays for a minimalist approach to festive decorating.

4 Decor For Multiple Holidays
When decorating across holidays, find spots where you spend most of your time, and highlight those…we especially love when the decor (and nature) makes for an art piece itself!

3. Prioritize Decor Across Holidays

When it comes to the holiday season, sometimes practical is the way to go. Selecting décor that works across holidays is a great way to embrace the season while transitioning from Thanksgiving to winter holidays and even New Year’s.

Think of versatile pieces that can be adapted to suit different occasions. For example, invest in wreaths, dried floral, and garlands that can be modified with various embellishments for each holiday, or choose decorative elements not tied to any specific event, like metallic accessories, string lights, and elegant vases. This way, you can effortlessly transition your home from one holiday to the next with minimal effort.

Get the Look: Festive Feeling

5 Uncomplicated Refined Holiday Decor
Your decor doesn’t always have to be complicated! With your color palette in mind, highlight spots you see daily in your home. You can make it a family activity, from elegant vases filled with faux or fresh stems and ribbon-wrapped cabinetry to centerpieces highlighted with baked goods.

You’re Busy, So Let Us Help.

As you prepare for a busy season, be flexible with your options. Whether natural greens or faux, versatility is vital to any aesthetic, and a decorative atmosphere can always help bring joy during the holiday season. However, with much of our time limited in the last few weeks of the year, it’s important to remember priorities around time and family. 

Utilize our helpful tips above to help you save time and create a practical, elevated home that is warm and inviting. You can infuse your home with the festive spirit that brings joy and tranquility to your holiday celebrations, and when in doubt, work with your talented design team.

Questions? Get in touch with us!

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  • Beverly
    | 28 November 2023

    I was born and raised just south of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure if that’s my problem, but I can’t see decorating with white. I’ve been in Texas for
    55 years, but still I need COLOR! in my life even in the heat of summer. I just had to write because I love your designs, but I need COLOR! Thanks, BT

    • moi
      | 29 November 2023

      Thanks for your thoughts! This is the best part about design, helping create a space that works and looks stunning for a specific client <3 Designing with white is still staying strong, but stay tuned for more colorful content from us...we love it all!

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