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A New Normal: How to Improve your Work From Home (WFH) Space

A New Normal: How to Improve your Work From Home (WFH) Space

Have you had to transition into working from home quickly? Us too! In an era where more people are working from home than ever before, now seems like the perfect time for office inspiration. Whether you’re a work from home newbie or a home office veteran, check out our five tips on how to improve your work from home space.

1. Dedicate your Workspace

This may be your home office, your kitchen island or even your dining room table. Regardless, make sure the space you are working in is set up for just that – work. There’s nothing that will block your productivity more than being distracted, uncomfortable, or cramped! We recommend eliminating distractions, finding comfortable seating, and creating space to spread out your projects.

•Everyone is different when it comes to distractions. Maybe you need some background noise, maybe you don’t. Maybe you need a pet-free zone and maybe you like a cat in your lap.  Whatever your personal distractions are, make eliminating them a part of your routine – hide the TV remote, get that load of laundry started, wash those dirty dishes taunting you from the sink; it’s best WFH practice to dismiss or accomplish these things before your day starts. Say adieu, distractions!

•Get comfortable! Making sure you have the right chair for the job is more important than you realize. The right kind of seating means a healthy and productive workday. Whether you choose a standing desk or a chair with great support, make sure you’ve got a space set up where you can spend a day (with hourly standing breaks, of course).

•Your desk space is your friend. By clearing all the random clutter that tends to collect in your house over time, you’ll find that open space equals an open mind! Whether you’re working on a large project or editing architectural plans (like our amazing designers), creating free space for getting the job done facilitates your productivity.

2. Add Color and Life

Similarly, make your work from home space a place you want to spend time. Adding a little more color and life can do the trick! For more color, grab a favorite pillow from your neighboring room, snag those tulips outside that are springing up, or pull out that funky water glass or coffee mug that’s been hiding in the back of your cabinet. And, to add a little life, burn your favorite candle, listen to a little background music, and add a plant to your space! If you’re in a space that you love, work won’t feel like a chore.

3. Ensure Proper Lighting

A lot of us don’t have dedicated workspace at home, so we’re making it up on the fly. This gives you great options when it comes to finding natural light! Natural light can instantly brighten your mood, so pick a room or wall with a window if possible. After all, the first day of Spring wasn’t that long ago. If natural lighting isn’t an option, try to use soft, golden accent lighting over a harsh white-fluorescent. We believe the best sources of artificial light can come from overhead canned lighting or a flush/semi-flush light with a frosted diffuser. If these aren’t an option, your next best option can come from a table lamp with a diffusing off-white shade.

4. Hide Your Cords

A messy workspace can create stress when it isn’t needed! Not only do we recommend cleaning your space each day but do your best to keep it organized. Included in that is hiding all of your pesky cords, in any manner possible. Taking ten minutes to find a way to arrange your cords and hardware in a pleasing manner, can make the hours and days ahead so much nicer!

5. Bask in Your Accomplishment (and sneak in some luxury)

All done? Not quite. You’ve got your space efficient, comfortable, and pleasing. Now it’s time to add a few luxuries.

Just like distractions, luxury comes in many forms. Whether it means setting up a coffee station, hanging a dry erase board, installing a television for tracking the news, or adding an aromatherapy diffuser…so long as you ‘get’ to work from home these days, you might as well give yourself some amenities that are hard to come by when you’re in the office.

Although our work from home situations may differ, our best piece of advice is to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. (Keep that daily schedule going!) If your space isn’t working for you, and you’re looking for a change, contact us!

For even more office inspiration check out our “Offices” board on Pinterest.

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